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Use Energy to Super Charge your Reality


The Course is for you if:

You are often on the cusp of ventures but struggle, get stuck, meet obstacles...and...
  • You are open to spirituality and search for truth/answers
  • You don't feel you are operating at your true or highest potential
  • You need the next shift in life
  • You are willing to be open and receptive to change required
  • You are creative and emotional and ready to cancel the chaos!

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What's in the Content?

This is a 5-week online programme. Content is released each week, to engage with when it suits you. 
You'll learn core theories, energetic laws, experiential processes and actionable solutions/tools via videos and resources.
The aim is for you to develop confidence and control by actively working with synchronicity, not as passive receiver!
Weekly modules are: Synchronicity Deep Dive; How to work with Energy; Money Activations; Rhythm and Flow; and Staying on Track.

Why Synchronicity?

When we tap into Universal Energy we create magical opportunities. 
We alleviate suffering caused by obstacles and increase greater flow.
We experience realisations ('Aha' moments) that lead to freedom, relief, fun, joy and expansion.
Addressing priorities unbeknown to us, using universal intelligence, will direct us deeper into self understanding and growth.
Answers and insights occur, the more we flow and move with momentum, direction and purpose.


You are a few steps away from a shift in consciousness. 
From Nishah:

"Your success and growth is personal to me. My Intention is that all students transform during and beyond the course. My energy is behind you all the way." 

Still Unsure?: Participant Feedback

” Georgina Rowe, Brisbane

This course provided benefits from day one. Once I tuned into the vibration of Synchronicity my spirit seemed to work overtime!

Working through points where synchronicity had occurred in my life helped me to resolve some long-term blocks that had stopped my personal development & manifestation powers. 

Nishah has a comprehensive toolbox of knowledge to draw from and was happy share this with the group.

Nishah was able to turn the esoteric and spiritual into practical application and use the power of group energy to enhance our individual & group intentions.

” Deana Alliano, Florida

The Synchronicity course was such an amazing course. It opened my eyes to so many tools that we have at our finger tips to help us grow & become our best selves. Nishah was so generous with all the information that she shared. I learned how much our chakras can have an effect on our bodies & ways to develop them to create balance. She showed us ways to see all the synchronicities going on all around us. We are being guided in so many ways we just have to see the signs. I was able to see new opportunities right in front of me that I would have never noticed before. Nishah is such a lovely person to work with & always thinking of additional ways to help you on your journey. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is ready to grow in all aspects of their life.

” Cathy Nance, USA


The entire course was amazing to me! 

I realized by taking this course that I have all that I need inside and sometimes need to be reminded of this.

I was nudged into trusting my intuition and absolutely recommend this course. 

I take courses to provoke changes in myself. This course helped me get in touch more with my unconscious. I feel at ease with it now. 

I love love loved your course and am excited at any of your future offerings!!

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